Terms of Use for Crazy Heifer Design Shoppe Digital Designs

Please read the following to find out how you can use CHD digital designs.


DO:  Make up to 250 physical items using a design, then simply repurchase the design.  These physical items can be for personal or small business use.

DON'T:  Resale or share this finished digital design in any digital form.


DO:  Make awesomely cool designs with CHD digital design elements. These items can be resold digitally or used for physical items for sale or personal use.

DON'T:  Sell or share design elements as is in digital format. CHD designs must make up 25% or LESS of the new design you have created.

CHD digital designs are not to be given away or shared on any platform in any format.  Sharing in dump groups is illegal and will not be tolerated.

Now that all the Terms of Use are stated, I'd like to say: Have fun! Create and prosper.

Happy creating,